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Crane rental and more

Ice removal, height equipment rental, spider treatment and window restauration. 

Spider treatment

Our extermination professionals can combine our popular spider spraying treatment with window cleaning during the same visit.

Aluminum restoration

With the right combination of specialized products, we can restore the aluminum on your building facades.

Window restoration and polishing

Our professionals do custom work to restore your windows if they have stains or burns.

Suspended platform rentals

When the use of anchors is required, rent one of our suspended platforms so that your work can be done more affordably and efficiently.

Ice and snow removal

To ensure the safety of pedestrians, we can do emergency operations to remove snow from cornices and rooftop walkways and remove large icicles.

Crane rental with a crane operator

Rent our equipment to carry out work at heights such as building inspections, repairing an electrical problem, etc.

Major acquisition of Merlo Moto rotating telescopic handler

By its narrower shape, our Merlo Roto telescopic handler can in some cases allow our customers to save on occupancy permits for the city of Montreal.

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