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Decontamination service against COVID-19

Reassure your customers and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by using our surface decontamination service.

Protect your establishment against COVID-19

The BSF team wishes to contribute to the prevention of COVID-19 by offering a surface decontamination service for your public spaces. We have developed a unique and strict protocol detailed down to the safe handling of the mask. Reassure people visiting your establishments with our recurring decontamination service.

All personal protective equipment is provided and the products used meet the standards issued by Health Canada.

Decontamination covid-19 BSF

Our services against COVID-19 pandemic

  • Cleaning of doors and handles

  • Cleaning of walls and framing

  • cleaning of elevators

  • Cleaning of common areas

  • cleaning of gyms

  • Cleaning of entrance halls

  • Window cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning 

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